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Which Wheels WOuld You Get?

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I am looking to purchase new wheels in the next couple weeks for my 06 White DC Tacoma. I have narrowed it down to two choices, Raceline Renegade’s and Centerline Eclipse. I was hoping to locate Weld Cheyenne’s but they are no longer making them. I did find one place that had them in stock but they wanted too much. The sad part of this story, I had a brand new set of Centerline Eclipse’s but traded them for some landscape work. I purchased them through centerline for around $800 shipped. In any event here is my setup...Chime in and let me know what you all think.

Current Setup:
2006 White DC Tacoma with 3 Toytec Lift with the famous DT noise.

Raceline Renegades’s 17x9 with 5.25BS in Polished with BF Goodrich AT with White Letters out. UCA required. Price for wheels around $550.00

Centerline Eclipse 17x9 with 4.5BS with BF Goodrich AT with white letters out. No UCA required. Price around $900.00

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beat u to it :thumbsup:
take my advice and get the wheels (whichever you may choose) with the proper backspacing (4.5) the 5.5s will run on the LCA too
Oh, I wasn't thinking along those lines. I guess I was thinking of it being lifted and needing UCA's for alignment, so I was like, why do the wheels matter? :lol: Thanks guys.
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