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White stuff on my oil dipstick?

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I decided to check my oil today and found this white waxy stuff on my oil dipstick. Um I last changed the oil 400mi ago with mobil 1, and the temp outside is 53F. Is this condenstaion or water or something?
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soundz personal....go get a check up---lol
for some odd reason, the title of this thread made me laugh...

otherwise, sorry, i wouldn't know what would give you that problem
white stuff on your dipstick? i never found that as a problem:lol:

sounds like it could be some sort of emulsion in the oil(water mixed with it) but im not sure of the oil characteristics. no matter what i would change it out soon and take a look at the oil you take out of the car.
If it's not sludge/oxidation from low temps and short trips, etc. - which it sounds like it's not, you may be looking at coolant. Hopefully not. What kind of oil was there before the M1 and how long was it in there?
I'd keep an eye on it for a while, and then have the oil analyzed when you change it. $20 or so. Would be good for peace of mind.
I had Mobil 1 in there before the oil change. Um it seems to be gone after the cars warmed up.
well, to be yet another person to laugh at the title of the thread...:lol:

Other than a good laugh, my initial thought would also be water mixed in w/ the oil.
I had Mobil 1 in there before the oil change. Um it seems to be gone after the cars warmed up.
Make sure you pay close attention to the water reservoir tank. Also, check your engine oil cap. If you have the same white/milky stuff then you got coolant in your engine like I had last year. I had a "hairline cracked" in the engine header so it was really difficult to figured out. I would check the water level 2-3 times a day especially after it have been sitting more then 3 hours after normal driving. I really hoped you don't have to go through the same thing I did.
from personal experience my car was flooded and the oil was all milky. so yeah water might be mix with oil
My coolant/res hasn't changed and I've been pumping the heater all day. The temp gauge seems normal, I guess it was just condensation down the dip stick.
If you are really concerned, you could maybe have an oil analysis done and look for high sodium and potassium counts. This would indicate coolant leeching into the oil. This costs about $20 and could take a week or two (mostly transit time).
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