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Whiteline 20mm rear 3-way adjustable swaybars on liquidation now, $50.80 shipped

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I cannot believe I found this.

Whiteline rear 20mm 3-way adjustable swaybar kit (says it fits 1989-1994 AE90, AE91, AE92, AE95 Corollas), with bar to body bushings and adjuster hardware, minus endlinks - $42.81 each plus $7.99 shipping! I ordered one up on the spot (my GTS has a 14mm stock rear bar) - mine's shipped and on its way. I got mine, now get yours before they're all gone.

I'm not a shill, just luckily discovered this part on sale for an unbelievably low price. It's on Ebay too but shipping there is $19.99. I searched around a bit and found these selling for +/- $250 in a couple of other places.

You're welcome.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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