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So I installed some progressive springs that I got for nearly nothing on my Camry about 1 month ago. Overall, they're fairly decent, except the rears were making some clunking sounds. A quick look at the springs revealed that, because they are progressive, the "weakest" coils (at the top of the spring) were making contact quite easily. I looked around for a solution, figuring people were probably coating their springs in something, and all I could find was Whiteline Racing's "Coil Silencer" sold on PDM Racing's site.

(you have to scroll down to see it)

It was on sale and the exchange rate was good, so I figured "what the hell." It LOOKED like spiral wrap for wires and cabling, but I somehow ASSUMED it'd be some sort of teflon coated deal or something (for the price).

Well, it wasn't. Its just plastic spiral wrap. Like so many things in the "tuner" market its complete B.S.

Does it work? I don't really know because between receiving it and ordering it, the noise went away on it's own. Putting it on is sort of annoying if you're doing it with the springs on the car. I used a little bit of silicon spray so that it was easier to slide up the coil. My springs are totally quiet now, so they definitely didn't make anything WORSE.

My review is simple:
Don't buy these.

Just get some spiral wrap. Its cheap and you can get it in any color that you want so you can have some really fruity looking springs to impress your buddies outside the bar.
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