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who can locate the part i need?

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Well my front upper strut bar came yesterday and when I opened the box I discovered that it didn't come with anything to mount it! Sure would have been nice to know when I ordered it. Now here is my question does anyone know where i can purchase mounts for the strut bar?
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Get ahold of the people you bought it from.....
Get ahold of the people you bought it from.....
i contacted them and they said they don't include it and they don't have the bracket on their site either:disappoin. one would think it came with the strut bar since it clearly shows them in the picture on their site.

here is where i got it:
Wow you spend $45 on them, and they did not came with the mounts. Damm I bought mine for $30 and came with everything. I would talk to the manager and work something out. If that does not work report them to BBB. It was showed in the picture and there was no note saying that was going to be extra or etc. I never seen a company that only sold the "bar". It is going to be extremely hard to find those, most of them comes with it. If this happened to me, No way I am spending more money on something that should of came with it.
I have 2 strut bars sitting here, a OEM solara one and one like the one you bought with the mounts... Which one are you interested in???

i've talked to customer service from the website and they said that it should have come with the mounts. so here is my guess on what happened to the mounts. When the box was so "carefully" :lol:delivered to my house by UPS it must have fallen out of the gaping hole in the box. picture a box the length of strut bar and about with a huge tear in the middle. now had it not been for the tape it would have been two boxes. so during the box's trip from california to dallas the mounts must have slipped out the poorly taped hole or one of the other dents/holes in the box.

the good news:

they are sending me new one and UPS will be here in a few days to pick up the old one.
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