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Who drives a Blue AE92 GTS? in GTA

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well, 3 of us were driving a Sienna on Sunday night, and we saw you driving on Warden.

we stared at your car for couple of block, and you Ignored US!

if you didn't know, 3 of us owned a very respectable ride.
1 AE92GTS thats being restored at a bodyshop
2 GZE powered AW-11 pearl white
3 AE86GTS HB stock looking yet Mint as hell for the age.

who ever you are, you better say hi!

{drunk talk stops now}
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LOL! That's telling him right! respect among toyota drivers
^ damn straight! respect all Toyota drivers:mad:
blue, with 16/17 inch rims?

don't worry itchy, that guys a clown
it was me :D
boroEF said:
it was me :D

ok then....

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was it a girl who was driving? wondering y would itchi so curious about ?.... :D
drunks should be banned from TN

there should be a 100% sober policy ahah

drunks give you creative idea like "Boroness" or "Rice in your own world"

by Banning Drunk on TN can make TN a very normal and boring Forum :rolleyes: :D
ur right... what other forum has a thread called "how do you wipe ur ass" :lol: :thumbup:
hah, just saw a blue AE92 GT-S with the levin front end on the 404.. sweet ass car :thumbup:
That's Pat.. he comes to the Monthly TN meets at Kennedy Commons.. :thumbup: :D
^its Pak:rolleyes:

he does have GZE in there....
but Pak's care is Light puprlis blue! Not blue
Sorry.. my mistake.. I thought his name was Pat! :hammer: and Ahmed, I was referring to the car Kling saw on the 404, not the car that Ichi saw.
Pak drives the Levin! im lookin for the NAspec Trueno!!

who ever you are, you disrespected us:mad:

^ yea, ever since when did your mama turn into a skinny china boi???.....if it was your mama, your mama look like Boroef!:rolleyes:

so im guessin nobody owns it here
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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