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OK, on my 84 the left upper control arm bushings are shot,
the brands that are available on hand in my area are:

Energy Suspension - apparently has upper and lower set for one side for $40
Moog - looks like just upper one side set for $32
Rare parts - I think its a single upper bushing for $19
TRW - one upper bushing for $19
Beck Arnley - one upper bushing for $18
McQuay-Norris - one upper bushong for $9

Of course I would much prefer polyurethane to rubber, the only one I am sure is poly is the
Energy Suspension.
But looking at the prices, one would think that they all must be poly except for the McQuay-Norris.
I am guessing I may as well replace the lower while I am doing the upper even if its not that worn?

I am leaning towards the Energy Suspension because they have the kit for the whole side ( they don't try to stick you by selling each bushing seperately ) for a reasonable price and I have looked at another website that describes them and they seem to of good quality.

Anybody who knows more about these parts than I do, or can recommend one of these companys I would appreciate the input, thanks
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