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who sells 22r head bolts cheap?

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who sells 22r head bolts cheap?
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I wouldn't buy cheap head bolts. Just get them from the dealer.
Yes, head bolts are tha last thing you want to cheap out on.

You can probably get better aftermarket ones (like ARP) form Summit or Jegs for the same as OEM from a dealer.
Ever had one break? Not me, and I've done more heads than I care to remember. The only time I have ever used new bolts is when they came with the engine kit I bought. I took an old bolt from my box-o-parts to the grinder and made a nice thread chaser by putting two coves in it. has good stuff. That's where LC get's the stuff for his kits. Connecting rod bolts I wouldn't skimp on, but those head bolts are waaaaaay beefier than they need to be.
head bolts

i have broke a head bolt or two removing them and that was the factory got to realize that most bolts are made by the same company's you really don't know who made them from a dealer or after market,unless you spend a premium price for hi strength bolts form a specialty company.the problem most people have with fasteners is they aren't properly should oil the threads or use never seize and clean and chase the threads in the block.i guarantee if you follow that procedure you will never have a problem.i use high temp paint on my head gaskets before i install them and that keeps from having any re-torque issues.i have been rebuilding engines gas/diesel/marine/industrial and even overhauled a gas turbine engine for over 32 some odd years and have never had any major problems.
fel pro if i remember sold head bolts i got a set for i think 45 bucks? haven't had any problems yet
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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