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why? about crankshaft pulley and waterpump

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why would a mechanic, at a shop, need to take off the crankshaft pulley to change a waterpump?
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because you can't take it off w/o removing the crank pulley
thanks for reply! i actually didnt mean to ask that question last night i ment to ask why would it rust on so badly that it wont come off?
it was late last night when i asked the other questions.
but thanks for answering!
actually on my ford probe i have. much easier than this freakin toyota haha

you ever done one?
it gets easy after you do about a hundred of them
it gets easy after you do about a hundred of them
Still not easy for me...the crank pulley bolt is on so tight (lock-tite) that I can't get it off. I've been soaking it with penetrating oil for a year now, and hitting it with a 1/2" impact luck. Step 1: wait for either t-belt to snap, or water pump to seize. Step 2: drop-in spare engine with new belt/pump already installed. It's called "the hard way".:disappoin
put a red ingersol gun onto it with a short 19mm impact socket
I had to use the starter bump trick. pull a wire or fuze but make sure the fuel system doesnt pump. put a 19mm socket on the bolt and brace the handle against the frame or brake or something. bump the starter real quick and and it will torque the bolt loose for you. just be careful not to start the car.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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