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Why are these simple lifts sooo high?

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Why are the dang lifts for these old trucks so high. I have not checked Downey yet but some of the other companies are pretty steep for the kits with the rear-leaves. Any budget lifts out there - BUT not a body lift?
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Solid axle or IFS?
Full leaf packs are not cheap....300 - 500.
You can go really cheap with blocks.....but they will wreck havoc on your drive train.

If you want to do it right look at All-pro or Marlin, just a few examples.
I have an 83 strait axle and yeag I don't want blocks. $300 I can stand, but the 500+ is steep.
go with the tuff country lift...or rough country...i don't know which one it is, but its 3" lift, you can run 33's, its about 300 bucks, and you'll have to drop another 100 or so on parts they don't include, (ss brake lines).

so then you're at 400....or if you go with a little bit nicer lift, it will come with everything you need, PLUS, it won't ride like crap and handle even worse..

but thats just my .02.....

on these older trucks, cheap is usually not the route you want to'll end up regretting it down the road...and not that far down the road..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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