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Why arent hail car covers being sold?

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Had thunderstorms yesterday and continuing as I type with possible chances of hail. Got a carport but other newer family cars are occupying that precious space and I am left here hoping my car doesnt get nailed...So I was wondering, they sell car covers now, do they have one that's extra thick with foam or some shock absorbing material that can protect your car from hail? If not...WHY NOT!? I swear, I should patent this idea and make a fortune...:cool:
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Good thoughts, im going to patent it first. ;)

I dunno maybe they dun sell them because they would look dumb?
The car would look dumber with new found aging pores all over :) plus the cover would only be temporarily on for during a storm...
they do make them, but as far as i can tell, it works for very small sized hail. no car cover will protect your car from baseball sized hail falling at 60mph. thank goodness for my garage. :p:
really? where could i get one? something is better than nothing...
*calls payent office* "Hello?"

"Yes,I would like to patent a hail-protecting car cover."



"Dumbass" *hangs up*

It would look teh ghey
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not really, if u wanna make it portable then yes its pretty dumb, but u can make somthing really sturdy and the roof of the cover would have to be angular so the fall of the hail would counteract with the shape of the roof and thus reduces impact strenght, but then u would have to make it sleek so it wont take up much space, it can be done, just need to think about it...
^What do u mean by portable?
Like somethin u just leave on the car? and drive around with it on?

If ur talking about you have to go outside and put the cover on, that idea will not work. Hail is not that predicatble and usually when its hailing, its raining...HARD. Nobody i think would really wanna put a cover on in super hard rain, when you could prolly just have insurance company fix it.

OH yeh, i just remembered there are these things i dont know what they are called/price but they are like vaccums and can suck the dents out.
Good idea...but needs more brainstorming....(The the day i bought my brand new solara...its FREAKING HAIL STORMED......:( ) I rushed to a gas station canopy...but i still see dings on teh hood.....:(
Just go to your local hardware store and buy some foam and duct tape.

Haven't you learn from the boro kings of TN? :disappoin
Ever thought about customizing your own by buying a large sheet of kevlar and bed sheets?
^ haha

no but really, buy some wood and make another car port

or better yet maybe try one of those summer tents, they are flexible I guess, so maybe it would give some bounce factor for the hail to ...bounce off?

no hail here :)

Ohhh yea, I just read what Ekam said, that reminds me of that commercial where this guy grabs all these pillows and tapes them to the top of his RV and a satellite falls on it...

anyone remember
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i did go boro. the other day there was a hail threat so i placed foam all over the car and the on top of that some plywood. then i tied it all down with twine, hahaha. what can i say? i was desperate to save my car from the pain.
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