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Why does it smoke when I start it up?? Help please!!

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I've got an 89 celica GT with 160,000 miles on it and I've had this constant problem with the vehicle. If it sits for more than about 8 hours and I go to start it up, it emits a significant amount of blue smoke for the first couple seconds. After that it's fine, but I don't know why it emits the blue smoke at startup. It doesn't burn oil and it still gets pretty good gas mileage, so I'm just stumped. What do you guys think I can do to solve the problem? Please help me!!
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you need to get your valve guide seals replaced. mine does the same crap. unfortunately, you are gonna have to pull the head to get it done.
Aren't the valve seals located on top side of the head? why would you have to pull the whole head off? Just a thought :confused:
well, im not sure about these, but i know on the v8s ive worked on in the past, they are pressed in. so, you have to have them pressed in and pressed out. pretty tough to do with the head on the car.
you can do it on the car. just pressureize the cylinder through the spark plug hole with compressed air to hold the valves in place. then remove the valve spring retainers the valve spring and theres the seal.
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