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Why kill "Mister 2"

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Why has Toyota decided to kill off the MR2 and Celica names? Granted that I don't have a huge connection to MR2 but Celica.. I grew up with that!!! Good old reliable 1986 Toyota Celica GT-S. Never let me down, ever! Finally had to put her down because the piston seals were giving. I felt like I needed to move on but I told myself I'd come back to Celica. I'm a Corolla kid for now and just hope to one day own every nameplate in our Toyota basket, but.. this is major saddening news for me. It feels like.. somethin' being taken away... Ya know?

I'm probably bitchin' too much.. But, I thought I'd break the news. Though, it was announced.. like.. mid last, last, week...

I believe the demise is due to low sales.
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Probalby cause the MKIII was kinda weak sauce. Double the price and label it an Elise.... I'll buy it ;)

As for the Celica.... meh.... they went downhill once they ditched the AWD and turbos.
Lord_Anarchy said:
I believe the demise is due to low sales.
Low sales because you could barely fit an ironed shirt into the storage compartment.... and that's after taking the spare tire out.

I was looking at an MKIII the other day at the SoCal TN meet.... it is a stupid setup.

There is no trunk AT ALL!!... we don't have much... but at least there is something. The battery is in the back? and the exhaust system sits up in the engine compartment? .... just a stupid setup. Not to mention they look 100x better with a hardtop. The interior is also very bland.... and a clutchless tranny just isn't my style.
i've said many times.....MRS is a girly car...way over priced and way under powered.....i never consider them mr2s anyways since we don't even see them up here in canaduh........
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