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Why legacy automakers are panicking and Akio had to go

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Panic is spreading among legacy auto manufacturers. Toyota lost valuable time and will pay the price.

EV market share has been doubling every year. In 3 years, EVs will represent half of total auto sales. And all these sales will go to Tesla, BYD, and those manufacturers who have a solid lineup of EV vehicles that appeal to customers in all income ranges (for example Hyundai/KIA, VW). Any manufacturer who doesn't have at least 4-5 EV models (a compact hatchback, a small SUV, a mid-size SUV and a couple of premium/luxury models) will lose market share. There is no way around it. Toyota MUST have competitive EV lineup in 2-3 years, or they will become irrelevant. Companies that didn't invest in EV technologies are panicking.

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Why doesn’t Toyota want to get into the ev game/market or do they have other ideas or plans.
So Toyota is going to get into the ev game but too late. Way would byd buy Toyota. Just asking.
Question: how does Toyota get back on track with ev’s and become a major car company again or they don’t.
What are people’s thoughts. Thanks.
Who thinks they are off track. They are the best vehicle on the market. When you want a dependable vehicle that will last many years and miles, Toyota/Lexus is the first name that comes to mind.
if Toyota is not of track and are the best vehicle on the market why are people so worried about what they do with electric vehicles. Thanks
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I agree Toyota should have some electric vehicles to be competitive in the market but for me I am not sold on electric vehicles.
Long charging times, electric prices, finding places to charge the vehicle and low miles on charge are all what I don’t like.
I have a 2005 corolla it’s very reliable and I am happy with it.
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I drive a 25 minutes to work everyday. 10 min stop and go and 15 minutes highway. How would a hybrid car benefit me over gas. Thanks.
I have an 05 corolla and I am getting 29 mpg
For a hybrid car when do you use the electric on hyway or stop and go. Is parts and maintenance more or less.
Sorry. But I thought in a hybrid car it uses the gas for Highway driving and the electric for stop and go driving or vice versa.
How much does a new battery cost for a hybrid car. Thanks
1 - 9 of 135 Posts