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why people hating..??

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Anyone have that problem when you say something like... Imma throw some rims on my car to make it look nice. Then someone replies "Why, ON YOUR COROLLA?!?!? Just buy a new car!"

I f****** hate people hating corollas... haha.
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ok don't let it bother you.

I wouldn't.. But of course I have my other car to be flashy in.. No one has hated on my rolla
I know what you mean. I know people that call my car rice because I decided to make it look a little nicer than stock. Its not like I have a fart cannon on it or anything.
haven't had anyone tell me that cuz they know or they will know that I have a souped up and supercharged mustang...LOL
Let the haters hate then. Do whatever to your car that makes you happy.

But on the other hand, I noticed that a lot of negative replies here on TN towards newbies are usually because they have already asked questions that have already been covered before in much detail and most of the hating is because of the newbies not searching for their answers first before asking for help.
go buy a Supra..
they are just jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!
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