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Rumor has it Toyota is developing a brand-new Supra, but we have proof that they actually are.

While there’s no smoking gun in this case, no spy photos, patent drawings or leaked spec sheets, there is enough evidence to indicate that the Capital T is in fact reviving this hallowed sports car nameplate.

Ever since the FT-1 concept debuted at the Detroit auto show back in January of 2014, people have been crowing about a new Supra, though they’ve probably been pining for one ever since the last generation went out of production in the early 2000s.

This aggressively styled design study really struck a nerve, like when your dentist drills the wrong tooth. On the surface it seems like a perfect 21<sup>st</sup> century Supra, with exotic design and the promise of supercar performance.

Underscoring its resurrection, here are four reasons why Toyota is absolutely bringing this nameplate back, though you’ll have to watch the above video to learn what they are.

Read more about Why Toyota Must (and Will) Bring Back the Supra: The Skinny with Craig Cole at
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