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Had a roar from under the hood. Intermittent. Sounded like the loose belt from he11. Well, isn't a loose belt. It goes away, with an obvious spool down I must add, when I push in the clutch. Insert long reading from The Book of Curse here. It's a 95 5 speed I swapped the shift pawl and cover with my 86 (otherwise the same W-55). The throw out bearing was seized in the truck I yanked it out of which should have been the big red flag. I attributed that to the totally fried clutch. I cleaned everything else. The case, changed the oil, new seals. Turned by hand great. Lesson learned; Yank the input shaft retainer too next time and inspect/clean that assembly as well. Guess some clutch dust got in the input shaft bearing. There was a ton in that bell I recall. I just hope it's not the input shaft bearing orbiting. The witness marks will tell the tale. In any case, it's yank the tranny time.

No it's not. It's time for a cold one and a Black chaser...
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