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wierd speaker anomoly

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i just noticed, that though the highs in my front door panel speakers come out nicely inside the car, but for some reason, the lower frequencies arent that great from inside the car... but better from outside the car... :S

note, these are from my front speakers only, my rears on the parcel shelf work perfectly.

can anyone suggest or explain to me why?

thank you.
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You would notice a big difference by sealing the inside wall of the door. The front and back of a speaker both produce sound, but it is 180 degrees out of phase with each other and will cancel each other out. That is one of the reasons speakers need enclosures, even Infinite baffle drivers most found in car audio need a baffle to separate the sound from the front of the speaker.

Also if one speaker was out of phase with the other it would cancel the other out, but the back side of driver A would be in phase with the front side of driver B, and vice versa. It might cause the sound to be most proponent behind the speakers.

The stock speakers have little plugs on them so they wouldn't be out of phase, unless an aftermarket headunit was wired wrong.
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