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Will 22r fit in a corolla

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We race a corolla it has a 1.3 in it right now It had a 1.6 at one time or another before I owned it. I have a complete 22r with drive train. Will the 22r bolt into the stock motormount locations that the 1.3 is in now? are the trannys the same (oth 5 speeds)? Are the bolt paterns the same?

I am going to have the 22r rebuilt if it will fit. Need some answers before I spend the money.

Any help or information is greatly appreciated.

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Assuming you have a TE- body style car, it will fit BUT none of the mounts are the same, and you'll need to use the tranny that mates to the 22R. You will also need to extend the engine mounts ahead about 3 1/2" for the oil pan to clear the crossmember. The clutch fan won't fit but the stock electric fan works well, along with the stock rad. The only issue with the rad is the plumbing of the radiator hoses, which you might have to piece together to make it work.
For the transmission and mount, you'll have to find an early Celica-supra tranny crossmember (or make one yourself) and adjust it to bolt to your car. There are several holes to choose from, you'll see what I mean when you look at the floor of the car. You should also grab the front half of the 2-piece driveshaft from the Celica, as it will fit the tailshaft spline of the 22R's tranny and bolt to the rear half of your existing driveshaft.
What do you meen by a TE-Body style? The car we have is a three door hatch back style.
I should have asked first; is it front wheel or rear wheel drive?
What I mean by "TE" is this type of body style
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It's rear wheel drive. I am not knowlegable with Toyotas and my daughter has been driving this. She is definetly out powered by the mustangs and the 2300 fords. I am going to past a picture to make it easier to identify. It is a rear wheel drive. I believe it originally had a 1.6 in it and I'm not sure of the year of the body and style.][/url
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Umm.. that looks like an AE86 sort of.. it's RWD so yeah, the motor will fit with no problems, fitting it is the least of your worries, mounting it will be your biggest worry, you'll need custom mounts and of course a transmission to match the 22R/RE.

A lot of people have successfully fit the turbo 7MGTE and twin turbo 1JZ/2JZGTE motors from the Supras into the AE86 Corollas, along with many other motors including the R motors.
I just spole with th eprevioous owner of the car. It has a 1.6 in it now. I have a full 85 celeica for the motor, tranny, drive shaft, and spare rear end. I supp[pose I can fabricate motor mounts of need be. Can they be bought. Is the cross member the same???
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