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I have a 2002 toyota sequoia SR5 4x4, I know this is the tundra forum but I figure this forum is better for my question. Originally, i wanted to get a 3 inch front 2 rear leveling kit and try to fit 33s on my rig, but after doing some research I decided I did not go offroading nearly enough to make it worth the significantly lower MPGs, loss of power, and most importantly damage to the CVs and other steering and suspension parts worth it because i plan on daily driving this for many more years. Now what i want to do is leave the rear end stock height and level out the front with a 1.5 inch strut spacer, and get some 265/75r16 (31.5 inch) BFGs. Do you think this mild of a level will cause any significant wear to my CV joints and other parts? Any feedback is appreciated.
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