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2013 XLE Touring V6
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I've been using 160 Gb IPod Classics with my '13 Avalon which has the "Display Audio w-Navigation" head unit. This stock head unit plays and displays the IPod track and playlist data seamlessly. The sound quality is very good since I use almost all lossless files (about 1 Tb of files which I rotate every few weeks with custom playlists based on my mood). Everything past the head unit is high-quality and it sounds incredible (see my signature).

Since the Classic has been discontinued for some time, I'd like to know if anyone here has the same head unit and uses an IPod touch. I don't have a touch but would buy a 256Gb unit if I knew that it would work the same way with the head unit. The ease-of-use factor is compelling (and less expensive too).

If it won't work, my alternative is to get a high quality DAP like a Fiio M11 (I'm open to suggestions on DAPs) but this would require a greater investment since I'd probably want to go all digital and get the additional bitrate. As a bonus, I'd be able to use Tidal master quality if I take this route. Unfortunately, that would require an additional Bit One processor and controller to bypass the head unit altogether when I'm using the DAP (more $$$$ on top of what's already been done).

Anyway, hopefully someone here has tried the IPod Touch with the same Display Audio head unit and will reply with their success or failure. Thanks!
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