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Some of you probably have read my latest post called Hard Starting Sometimes. Well just when i thought i had figured out what was wrong, the same nightmare haunts me whenever i go to start my truck. Today i had the shotgun out of the cabinet ready to load it up and take a few shots at the b*[email protected]# just out of frustration:cursin::cursin:!!!! Today at about 10:30 A.M i had to move my truck to the other end of the drive way which takes about a minute or two to do. So i moved it parked it and shut it off. I let it sit for about 7 to 8 hours before i jumped back in it to move it back into my spot, turned the key and my nightmare came true once again. Turned the key and what did i get CRANK CACRANK one or two successful combustion strokes and a big slap in the face stall :eek::facepalm:. Before i even tried to restart it, i popped the hood and began wiggling connections, things like the AFM connection, the fuel pump plug, the plug wires, coil wire. I even took my fingers and tapped on the AFM, Coil, Distributor, ect. Anything that was electrical got a wiggle or a tape. Went back to try and crank it again, stayed on the key for about five seconds and stopped to no avail, just sat and cranked. I dident want to stay on it too long because i wanted to give myself time to think it through before i got it running, pretty much wanted to give myself more time with the problem that way if i did wiggle something and it decided to fire right up, i would have a culprit. So i did this about 5 more times of 4 to 5 seconds on the key, and nothing seemed to work. I even applied vacuum to the EGR valve thinking that maybe the plunger of the diaphragm were sticking open or shut, nothing. Truck was still not running. I went to the tailpipe to see if anything was coming out and a steady trail of fuel/air vapor mixture was floating out of the tailpipe. That right there told me that i was getting plenty of fuel and that eliminated the fuel pump. I finally had enough of [email protected]#$ing with it and stayed on the key for about 10 seconds before it fired up and puffed a few slight black smoke rings out. After that the engine acted as if nothing had happened at all. Now you tell me. Iv already replaced the AFM, Fuel Filter. The plugs, wires, distributor and cap have a little over 10000 miles on them. Timing is spot on, TP is spot on and working, idle has been set and the EGR valve is working.
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