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Window Tint (Pics, please?)

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Looking for pics of some Hihys with aftermarket window tint. (I'm thinking of going darker than the factory tint on my '10 Hihy Limited. In IL, we're allowed up to 35% on front side windows, and as dark as we want everywhere else).
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Not a HiHy but here is a shot of my Limited... 35% on the front doors 15% on all the rest, which is a legal tint in Georgia. If you look closely at the photo you can see through the drivers door but not the rear doors or cargo area...the 15% really blocks it nicely. The tint is from Formula One, I use the Pinnacle Series ceramic film that won't interfere with cell phones, GPS, etc, and has great UV rejection...:)

Formula One
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+1 on Formula One. I don't have it on my Highlander, but I've had that tint put on other vehicles I've owned and have nothing but praise. :thumbsup:
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