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Window Tint Shatters T-Top??

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Alright, so as you all probably know...during the rare times that the t-tops are actually on, if the sun is shining, it can be quite annoying. So, the previous owner put on that "do it yourself" tint that is purple. Now, if done right, it can look decent. But, it turns out he did a very half ass job and it looks horrible.

So, what I want to do is along with tinting the rest of the car, to take off the old tint and get the t-tops professionally done. Well, I talked to a guy that would do everything....except for the t-tops. He said that if you put tint on the t-tops that it will cause it to shatter.

My question is...does anybody have insight into this bit of information? If you have tinted your t-tops and have had no problems, I'd like to know. Or, if you know that this does happen, I'd really like to know.
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i actually just got my car tinted this past saturday. i did have my t-tops done as well. so far so good.

i have seen other cars with tinted tops b4, but i have never heard of anyone have them shatter because of it.

by the way, my tops were professionally done, they never mentioned anything like either. in fact encouraged the limo tint for them for more sun blockage....hope this helps.
i'm never heard of t tops shattering b/c of a tint....get ur hands on some t top shades instead....a tint will only block out so much sun...i used to drive with my shades off all the time but they are always on unless the roofs are actually off.....
Where can i get a set of shades for cheap? When I got the car it didn't have the shades or the bags for the t-tops.
look for used ones...check in the buy n sell section of TN...they pop up every once in a while...PM BDSL he may still have some for sale......
Thanks Q,

I still have a set (black) which I reserve for Ratko. He said he will pick them up when he gets his car back. I am still waiting for him.
Im still taking them... the car should be ready soon :) the door handle came yesterday! w00t!!
i have heard the same thing from many tint is what i am told by them.the t-tops are getting direct sunlight and lots of heat.the window tint is made to block out the uv rays and the it holds the heat out making the exterior of the glass very night when there is a drastic drop in temp it can cause the tempered glass to "explode".they also tell me that this is more likely to happen with the lower % tint (darker) because it is more heat reflecting.true or be the judge.
alot of car manufacturers offer sunroofs with tinted glass...they don't seem to shatter.....i'd be more worried about dropping the t-roofs then having them shattered b/c of tinting....theres a few local guys that did tint theirs and have not had any problems....
I figured as much. I think if I can just find a set of shades I can take off the old crappy tint and use those. Otherwise i'll have to find someone who will put the tint i want on the t-tops. If you guys here of anybody else who has some, let me know! Thanks guys!
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