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Well after just having my front suspension replaced YESTERDAY after a spring broke loose and punctured my tire, I ran into another problem today... NONE OF MY WINDOWS WOULD WORK! BAH!

As night time fell I noticed that the lights on the master switches were dim with the headlights on and would occasionaly get brighter or "flicker". But as soon as I tried to put up or down a window they went black. I feared it was a wiring issue and I HATE wiring. The weird thing was my door locks button worked fine.

I checked every fuse I could find in the damn car. They all seemed alright. Finally I searched the site and saw something about the master switch so I took it out and tore it apart. A bunch of springs and things fell out when I opened the inside so I had to put those back in place and I think I lost a spring but some of the contacts were FILTHY. I hit them up with an eraser and put the rest of the thing back together.

The first time I tried it didn't seem to work, then the second time it worked great (except a few lights out on the switches which I concluded was caused by the missing spring)

I guess my question is... does it make sense that the master switch was the problem and not the wiring since the door locks worked? Also, it might just be my imagination but the windows seem a bit slower going up... is there something I should use to lubricate the rubber guides for the windows?

And one more question... in my quest for a wire or something that didn't seem right I found an empty grey socket on the front passenger side "kicker". I searched for a plug that matched it thinking it had come undone. I found one taped down to other wires and it fit in. It didn't do anything though.. or at least visibly. Does anyone know what it is and what it does? I haven't unplugged it yet...
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