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Windshield badly cracked, help find another one?

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First started out as a small stone a 18 wheeler threw at us. Slowly curved till it was rouchly 1 1/2' long.

Then somehow it cracked at the bottom, guessing it was the cold, as there were no hit marks. Now the bottom crack is around 3'-4' long. where can I find another windshield ? And how do I replace it?
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Im in the same boat..but im not willing to try to replace such a critical part on my own. Call local glass places and order one.
just call around local windshield/auto glass places...should be less than 150bucks installed for a decent aftermarket one. you can get them for cheaper too, but then the quality is even worse

I got the best aftermarket one that a shop had and they installed it for 160 total. I've had it for about 2 years now and I have absolutely no complaints
Wow..wish I could find them that cheap! Im about to get one and it will be $240 installed w/ new trim (said they cant reuse it?).
Hmm... Well if I'ma DIYer, how do I get the windshield off in the first place?
If you must ask, then don't DIY.
Taking it out requires some skill not to damage the rubber moulding. The glass is held in place with polyurethane (structural) adhesive and needs to be cut out. Then you must get the proper adhesive (sika, 3M, Dominion, etc.) and work the window and moulding back in.
The adhesive is about 15, glass 100 to 130, moulding 40, so the 240 price is reasonable.

Hmm... Well if I'ma DIYer, how do I get the windshield off in the first place?
i replaced my 93 camry windshield last year, at a local glass shop, all they do is just glass, like windshield, windows, they charged me $140 + tax for part and labor to put in, took them about 1.5 hours, i saw them take off the windshield wiper, moldings, then cut the windshield all around, and yank it out. not sure worth for DIY, or even have the right tool/training for DIY, it doesn't have the toyota logo stamp on the glass, but so far no leak, no wind noise, works like new. my coworker's F150 windshield cost $150 + tax to replace 2 months ago.
You need to call around to different places, the price should be in the neighborhood of $150 to $175 (including labor & parts). And yes, the trim can be reused.

My windshield has a crack about two inches long which is why I checked on the price of a new windshield. But it's never grown so I've not replaced it yet.

And you can do it yourself, but unless the windshield is dirt cheap just pay the $150 or $175.

To do it yourself you'll need a new windshield* and the glue (sort of like a tar rope, you can probably buy it at Autozone or Pepboys). And a thin wire, and some leather gloves.

a. Remove the outer trim from around the windshield.
b. Poke the wire around the edge of the windshield at some point. With a person on the outside and one on the inside, and wearing the leather gloves, run the wire all the way around the windshield. Then sitting in the front seat pop the windshield out with your feet (with a person on the outside keeping it steady / keeping it from falling on the hood).
c. Clean the remaining glue from the car. Put down the new glue.
d. Put the new windshield on carefully, press it in so that it is properly seated.
e. Check for leaks with your garden hose.
f. Replace the trim.

Really though, it would be a lot easier to just call around and find a place that charges a reasonable price. Be calling glass shops, not mechanics.

* To get the new windshield, you can either buy it from a glass shop by itself (and you can probably get the glue from them too), or go to a junkyard. If you go to a junkyard you'll probably be offered two prices: (a) a higher price where they remove it and place it in your vehicle, gauranteed to not be broken; and (b) a lower price where you pay up front and it's yours, but you have to remove it and if you break it while removing it you're out the money you paid.
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