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windshield replacement

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Anyone know of a cost for a new Windshield for a 2005 Corolla S.
For in Ontario, Canada.

Its cracked from winter weather, cold weather.
Any tips?
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I don't know about up in Canada, but here in Texas I had a rock hit my windshield and spider-cracked it. I got my replacement from safelite auto glass and it was about $186 US. I hope that will give you a ball-park replacement price.
It will be more than $180 canadian.. somewhere in between $200-$300.. depending on the place. Toyota Dealers are usually $300-$350 range, but they garantee the work, and they apply new stripping and everything, they dont re-use any of the materials that came or was on the car. Other small repair centers re-use (stripping) and the apply silicone, it is cheaper, but who really knows if at the end it will cause a leak or even rust around the windshield. If your going to sell the car do it cheaper, and if your keeping the car for long term then get it done at a professional place.
Its cracked from winter weather, cold weather.
it cracks because of the windshield defroster, cold windshield + hot air = crack.
Why does so many people get hung up on the S? It's the same windshield!!!!


I've had good luck w/ Safelite with my other (brand) vehicles.

BTW: Got hit this week by a rock the size of a chicken egg! I'm gonna let this one ride for a while as the crack (star) is in the lower right side.
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