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Hi Everyone,

The windshield upper molding on my 92 Previa is slowly coming off. I've been tacking it back in place on the end where it's pulled out of the seam. Unfortunately that no longer works and now about half the molding is hanging down on the windshield.

I'm wondering if there's a way I can tack the molding back into the seam so it stays put. I'm guessing that regular caulk or RTV won't do. I also can't tell if I have to push it into the seam far enough so the ridge on the molding catches on something underneath.

Chilton says to take the windshield to a glass shop even for minor repairs. It shows the exploded drawing but offer no other advice.

Has anyone out there had this experience before? Is there a way to do-it-yourself, or should I just give up, take it to the glass shop, and forfeit 90% of my checking account balance?

Thanks for your time and have a good one,
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