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Windshield Washer going crazy

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My girlfriend got into an accident (actually smashed up her front end good, needed new radiator, etc., actually I'm surprised the car wasnt just declared a total loss by geico)

but anyway thats only marginally relevant.

Her mechanic fixed it up, but now, when you pull the washer stalk towards you (normally to wash the front windshield), it now sprays the rear windshield, but triggers the front wipers. When you twist the end of the stalk (which used to wash the rear window) it sprays the front windshield.

It sounds to me like her mechanic just crossed the hoses (why they were removed to begin with is beyond me). Where is the washer pump, and how hard is it to get to? I'm somewhat mechanically inclined, but her dad would never let anyone but a "mechanic"(use the term loosely) do anything on the car, so anything requiring more tools than a screwdriver or pliers is probably out of the question.
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I would send it back to the Mechanic, explain the situation to him and ask him to fix it for free. Since it was working correctly before he received the car. Keep us updated.
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