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(crosspost from Corolla 9th Gen.)

Hey guys, I'm new here so go easy on me.

I bought my first Toyota back in May and I'm absolutely loving it ('07 Corolla S). When I bought it, the windshield washer pump didn't seem to be working. This wasn't a problem since it was going into summer, but now that winter is approaching I need something to keep my windshield clean.

I bought a replacement pump from Autozone last week and finally got around to installing it today. Well, kind of. When I took the front fascia off and disconnected the old pump, I noticed the wiring interfaces were different between the new and old pumps. On the old pump, which I am assuming is OEM, the wiring connects through a plug-like connector - the wire being the male end, the pump being the female end. On my new pump, however, it appears to have the "universal wiring" interface - that is, the positive and negative wires without any formal connector.

Now, I know next to squat about anything electrical and I am NOT comfortable screwing around with the wiring. Frankly I'm afraid I'd electrocute myself or fry the harness. I leave that up to the professionals. That being said, I don't want to have to put my bumper back on only to take it off a few days later when the new pump arrives. So here is my question: is it possible to rig the universal wiring to the existing OEM plug? Or am I better off just returning this new one and getting an OEM part from my local dealer?

What do you guys think?

TL/DR: How do I hook up a wired pump to a plug-style wiring harness?

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