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Windshield wipers do not turn off

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My windshield wipers won't turn

I'm sure you know how the original setup goes..

In the stick there's four levels:
1st- off
2nd- slow speed
3rd- medium speed
4th- fast speed

But as of last night my car's been doing this:
1st- medium speed
2nd-medium speed
3rd- medium speed
4th- fast speed

The only way to turn off the windshield wipers is to remove the fuse.
COuld it be the wiper motor a burned wire ?
Don't know how to fix this .Could anyone help?
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relay or switch.

How many miles and what year? if it's under warranty, get it in and get it fixed. if not, I'm guessing the switch is bad.
switch assembly

2005 Scion Tc 50,000 miles

Thanks for you response I appericate it. I finally had to take it to the dearship and they told me it was the switch assembly. There ordering the part next week .

Thanks Again & Have a great weekend
I was gonna say switch or relay too. Glad to hear it got fixed!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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