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wing window clips

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Ok I have had my truck about 4 weeks now and well the back looks like the seatbelts have never been removed from thier holders What I dont understand is how both of my back side windows have broken the latches. Apparently this is not just a plague of the tacomas. Mine look like I was the first person to even open them and they broke off. My g/f dad has a 2002 tundra and the same thing happened to him. Is this a common problem with extended cabs and quad cab toyota trucks. Is there a recall on this part. I don't feel I should have to foot the bill for a defective product that I am sure toyota is aware of. Anyone out there with some common info or have experienced the same situation. I could understand if the truck was 10 years old and had some use but this is on a truck that is 3 years old and looks like it never had anything more then a front passenger.
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