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Winking Headlamp and no pop up steering wheel

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just done a clutch job on the old battle wagon and got it all back together BUT i now have a few "glitches"

1) passengers headlamp not raise (but if you wind up it will drop)
2) CLUNKING fron suspension (is there a right an dwrong way to put the fron suspensionback)
3) NO pop up steering wheel when you get it it is stuck at its HIGH location and not drop to drivers level...

this is the first bunch of niggles on my 1991 ST185 (JDM) GT4 (all-track)

any ideas help, pointers appreciated

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hey dude,

i have a ST-184R, i dont know whats up with your lights cause their powerd by 2 small motors just below the accual lights or your suspesnion but as for the steering wheel, there is a small lever on the steering coloum that you have to play with when you have the keys out, cause if you bump it, i will lock in in place depending where it is, i hope that helps
yeah i have tried that, but its sat in the retracted position and wont drop down i presumed it has a electrical solenoid to keep it there

will have a look again


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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