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Winter Tires for my 1989 Corolla SR5

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Hey I am thinking about these Winter Saxon Tires that I saw, 175/70/r13. What do you guys think I should be spending for a full set (4) of these winter tires? I hear they are amazing and work just as good if not better than high quality tires.. any info especially a price would be greatly appreciated :)

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never heard of the brand, I'll stick to known brands, such as michelin, kleber, nokia, gislaved, etc.
I have firestone winterforces for my subaru. They're decent for snow, but great for rallycross :D

I would stick to blizzaks or nokias if you can find them. last winter when I had all-season's my ex's miata with blizzaks and without an LSD was better in the snow than my awd subaru with 2 lsds....
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i have winterforce also. i was able to drive my paseo in 6" of snow when everyone around simply couldnt make it out of their driveway.. the winterforce cost me $220 for a set of 185/60/14.
Ya I agree with ya Flashmn, this car had Saxon Snowblazer tires before hand though and they were great, I just didn't put them on my car last, it was already there when I bought my car. So I'm trying to stick to this brand and find out how much I should be spending on a full set (4)..
never heard of the brand, I'll stick to known brands, such as michelin, kleber, nokia, gislaved, etc.
Never heard of kleber :p:

You should always buy winter tires in sets of 4, you can't have 2 winters up front and 2 all-seasons in the rear or viceversa, it defeats the purpose of having winters at all.

I myself had a few sets of Nexen and a few sets of Wintermarks and they're great in snow, but not on icy conditions, then again not much is great in icy roads unless they're worth quite a bit.
or live somewhere that it only snows once a year if yer lucky, then the whole city shuts down and you stay home and wait for it to melt!
I run a pair on Hankook Winter iPike w409 (studded) on just the front of my '90 SR5 coupe. I gave them a serious test a couple winters ago making a 300 mile dash over the mountain pass over to Eastern Washington on snow, ice and even plowing through virgin snow up to the bumper. These tires made me a believer...

The Hankook Winter iPike w409 are nearly identical to the Nokian Hakkapeliitta snow tire from Finland. The tread designs actually looks identical to me... I can not tell the difference. Do an online search and compare the Hankook and Nokian, I found the Hankook very reasonably priced.

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