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Winter Wheels & Tires???

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2010 Avalon - Looking for a set of Winter wheels and tires. Preferably steel rims.
Are there any take-offs out there that you recommend?
What size tires?
Snow is not extreme but low-profile tires on 18" alloys will not make it through the Winter.

What do you have? Would you buy again?
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You can probably find a set of 16" wheels from the XL or tirerack will sell you 16" steelies for 220 a set for the avalon.

I had dunlap graspics I think on my all wheel drive galant, that thing was like a rally car in winter with those tires.

Had blizzaks on my Millenia. Both were excellent tires for snow. Kinda miss both those cars some days. Never tried to put winter tires on my Turbo RX-7, since it was a deathtrap in rain, I never attempted a winter drive in it.
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