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By wiped, do you mean scored, to the point where the oil clearnce between the cap and the cam journal is way beyond target? If so, this does sound of oil starvation. I'm not aware of anything in particular on 1MZ-FE engines like what you describe though.

What exactly is the oil product you use (Brand/weight, etc.)? What brand & type of oil filter do you use? What is the action of the oil pressure light in the instrument cluster?

If you have a problem with a cam bearing now, I question if you don't have problems with the other head as well, and with the rod bearings. Excessive cam bearing clearance tends to starve oil to other bearings because there is no pressure at the cam bearings anymore, so much of the oil flow goes there. Also, it seems strange that you would have have had a VVTi position sensor DTC happen because of this, triggering a check engine light.

Could you provide feedback on all this?

PS: Are you the original owner? If not, and if you use a high detergent synthetic oil now, you may have cleared away some or most of the residual sludge from the head, but if your engine once had a sludge issue, it doesn't mean you are clean below (in the pan, and especially at your pickup screen). Typically, once you see a flicker on the oil pressure warning light, things are pretty bad alraedy. Too bad you didn't put an oil pressure gauge on before you took the engine apart to see what that was telling you.
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