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wiper arm removal

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Hey guys, I am wanting to paint my wiper arms because the black paint is peeling off, but I am unsure on how to remove the wiper arms. After looking at them I found a bolt which seems to hold the arm to the car. Do I just unscrew this bolt to get it off, after all I dont want to screw up anything

Thanks for any tips guys.
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Yes, unscrew the bolt and pull the wiper upwards towards you.
Usually the trick is pulling the arm off after you remove the nut as they are spring loaded.
Use elbow grease.
Just be carefull you align the splines on the post and splines in the arm going back on. You don't want to strip them.
yup, just take those big bolts off...

then you have to use even pressure to get them off their splines, and a bit of jiggling
FWIW, you'll need a 10mm wrench or socket.
I have found one of those old fashioned battery cable pullers is helpful in removing the wiper arms, once the nut has been removed. Also, mark the positon of the wiper blades on the windshield with masking tape, to aid in getting the arms back in the same position when reinstalling.

FWIW, you'll need a 10mm wrench or socket.
I know this is fascinating... is it me or every bolt on the Camry is 10mm!?!?! Except of course for the bolts that need to be bigger because of stress. I have 3 sets of metric sockets and not one has a 10mm when I changed my starter I ended up going to my neighbor to ask for one:disappoin

But now I bought a high quality guaranteed for life f*** hardcore stanley socket, that I keep in a safe place:D

So for the record, a Do It Yourselfer needs:

1-A Haynes Manual
2-Basic hand tools
3-A REALLY good 10mm socket

so it is said...:preach:
haha, how did this show up again. lol

Anyway, this job was very simple and my wipers looked great after a new coat of paint!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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