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I'd guess that this has already been addressed here before, but I couldn't find it by doing a search,so here goes ...

I've had my 2005 Spyder for about 2-1/2 years. It has about 125K miles and is a well-maintained daily driver.

Some time back, my windshield washer stopped working. Assuming it was just out of fluid, I didn't worry about it (although I kept forgetting refill it). About a month ago, I started observing an intermittent problem where the wipers would keep running (in low speed) for up to 15-20 minutes after turning them off. If I set the switch to delay during that time, they would continue running in low. If I set it to high, they would run in high. After a few occurrences, it seemed to stop for a week or two. Then, the wipers began running in low speed spontaneously (although still intermittently at first). After a couple of days, they came on whenever the key was on and stayed on until the key was turned off. At that point, the washer started running spontaneously also (low and behold, it wasn't out of fluid after all!) any time the wipers were running (which was any time the key was turned on). I pulled the fuses for the wiper and washer (reinstalling the wiper fuse only when it was raining).

I bought a used wiper switch and replaced mine with it. It didn't seam to help at first. I unplugged the wiper motor and plugged it back in, and they stopped. Hmm ... surely that didn't fix it, right? Nope. After a couple of days it started again. Ignition switch on = wiper and washer on. I bought a used wiper motor and replaced mine with it. Still no fix. Still ignition switch on = wiper and washer on.

I did a continuity check on the original ignition switch per the BGB and it checked out fine. I double checked to verify no continuity to the low speed terminals with the switch on off or intermittent as well. Everything suggests the problem is not associated with the wiper switch (at least not the original one). The troubleshooting guide in the BGB only indicates a problem with the motor if it fails to run (not if it fails to stop) but there is no indication that there is anything wrong with (either) wiper motor.

I've gone through the (Toyota published) wiring schematics and can find nothing else in the system where the fault can be.

Any suggestions? Has anyone come across this problem and, if so, how was it solved?
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