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2009 Camry Nav/leath
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need wiring help for power and turn signals
I need some help from this forum

I purchased these mirrors on ebay

I paid 268 plus 68 for paint and 10 for standard passanger side mirror, and thanks to assistance from ngerald I was able to install them with at least getting the mirrors to work.

They come with unknown 9 pin plug and the camry has a 5 pin, I cut off the plug and installed a 9 pin plug with 5 of the wires tapped into the stock 5 pin plug and ran 4 additional wires to the drivers side foot well.

At this point I have 4 wires from each side sitting in my drivers foot well.

I have a DPDT relay which I will wire for auto open and close which will open on ignition and close on power off. and maybe a disconnect switch, for off all the time function.

Where I live the people are ignorant and will go by your car hitting your mirror as they walk between the cars.

So here is where I need everyone's help

I need the color code for the following wires which hopefully are located in the drivers footwell

1. Ignition on, or hot with ignition only not radio mode
2. Always hot
3. Marker or running light
4. Left turn signal wire
5. Right turn signal wire

I would appreciate any assistance from anyone who might be able to help

The vehicle is a 2009 Camry Hybrid

Total cost so far is

$232 for mirrors as I had a 10% discount from ebay
$68 for custom paint
$10 for proper right hand side mirror
$45 for wiring, tape, pins and connectors and DPDT relay

Thanking you in advance for assistance

Tim from Delta
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