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Hello I am based in the uk and have a 2002 rav
small 4x4, but i think the audio is the same as

Anyway I wish to add an external power amp and
separate set of speaker's which I will mount in
a d.i.y rear shelf.

So my question is does someone know the wiring
outputs,I need to know if there is a line level
I.e Pre outs for left&right positve and negative
(not speaker outs).

I wish to keep the factory unit which is a radio
and single slot cd,its is an all in one unit
double height of noraml audio gear,the picture
in manual says AM-FM ETR radio/cd and the number
in same picture says X17054. I think it has 3
separate connector blocks,2 of which on lower half
of unit are surrounded by heatsinks

Please help! thankyou

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Thankyou for the response i thought that might
be the case, i will use adaptors.

Does anyone know of a web site where you can purchase black material suitable for covering
a rear home made shelf,acoustically transparent
etc, a uk site please
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