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I tried to install a remote start for my car yesterday and ran into problem. It is claim to be a plug and play but it is not I have to tap one yellow wire to (+)STSW pin 4 or 6 on (white connector at main body ECU) also this connector is call a E9 per schematic. Is anyone out could point where is this connector at, I would really appreciated. My car is 2011 Push Start Toyota Camry 2011.
Thank you so much in advance.

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Welcome to the site klvaleri.

TIS will run you $20 for 48 hour access, and you can download all the wirte diagrams and FSM material for your Camry. Best money you will ever spend. Click the THIS link in my signature and you will see at the bottom of that post more info on TIS. I don't know the wire diagrams by heart, or else I wold just tell you!
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