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Wiring harness

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Any body know where to get a engine wire harness for a 2zz that's not from a junk yard and not in the $$$?
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Either buy a matrix xrs or Corolla xrs donor car. Or, you are due to upgrade. But, it will be difficult to find one that's low mileage and in good shape. It took me 2 years to find my Corolla xrs. It was a 1 owner and low mileage example.

I know the harness is expensive, but they are becoming harder to source parts. AFAIK, I have only seen 2 Corolla xrs and 3 matrix xrs in the junkyards in my area.
What if I bought a 1zz harness and wired in the vvtli?
Have you purchased the engine and transmission?
So my issue is that I have sc'ed 1zz with a spin bearing, I got the car with everything already installed. I decided to go with the 2zz because it's my daily but when preping for everything I found out that it had the TRD and URD piggyback installed and can't understand how everything is wired so I'm trying to find a fresh engine harness to start new without breaking the bank

I can't help you there. Why not just rebuild the engine? The 1zz has a taller rotating assembly over the 2zz and has more torque.

You have a rare piece there.
Engine has already been through a lot the super charger yoiked the mating surface off the first head I had on it from mwr. When I pulled it off again I found the crosshatching looking pretty bad and one of the arp studs had gunk on it leading to water jacket failure. The only think I could really save from the thing are the rods and pistons really. The maintenance on it got old pretty quickly as well, it was methonol injected and would constantly need bleeds and refills about every week racking up the dough
I rebuilt a c60 with Ray at kaz so Im ready in that sense. Only think I'm worried about is how short the gear ratios are
Unless the sc was a diy install, you might be in a pickle. If it was dealer install, then it's a pnp kit.
It was done diy, the only thing the guy didn't do was the tune (sleeves and everything). However he isn't being the most of help when j asked sadly. Thank you for that guide by the way it should help out some!!!
Here's a write up for a 2zz swap for the 8th gen corolla. It has to be similar to your corolla.

What you should try to do is trace the wires. There is a 5th injector wire. Not sure if it's wired to the ECU or into the fuel rail or after the last injector. This way, when you go to sell the sc, you can omit this to the buyer so that they can rewire it.
I think I know why there's two piggy backs now!!! There's a fifth injector wire for the TRD and URD piggy back. Maybe one for tuning one for something else?
Seems like he kept all the aftermarket wiring seperate from the stock harness. Just had to pull some tape up.
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5th injector is required to run the sc.

URD was likely used to run higher octane. From what I remember, the TRD piggy back had specific tuning.

The TRD isn't tunable.
Yeah I saw two sets of sensors that plugged into the fifth injector. But it seems like I was able to get everything out and I'm back to stock!!! I hope.
You should be. Read through the link I posted. You will modify your harness for the vvtl-i for the 2zz.
What if I bought a 1zz harness and wired in the vvtli?
Wouldn’t work
It's either pulling the whole wiring harness or modifying the 1zz. Nothing is impossible.
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