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Wiring Problem

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I was driving my 1993 mr2 home from college and part of the way home all of the gauges, stereo, cruise, automatic windows and locks, taillights, and brake lights went out. then a few miles down the road everything flickered freaked out and went back off again. HELP PLEASE
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check the battery connections Thats all i can tell Ya. Probably got a good ammount of corrosion built up.

Also i had a problem like that before and i went to check the battery and my spare tire was loose and was grounding out the negative, haha. I doubt thats your issue but the battery is a good place to start
tried that

That was the first problem, the negative connection was loose. But its still doing it, it seems that the gauges work when I'm either accelerating or at a constant speed. But im still not sure that its not random chance. I just know that they won't start working at an idle.
I just know that they won't start working at an idle.
If these problems are occuring at low (idle)RPM's, then take a look at your alternator. Start with the belt-check for tightness, wire connections, amp and voltage values. A relay is also a possibiltiy.
Are you getting a CEL?
What is a CEL?
That does not help me because the check engine light was already on
Have you retreived the codes to see what the problem is?
Go to the diagnosis box, cross connect the TE1 and E1 circuits with a paper clip. Turn key to on position - without turning on the engine. Watch the CEL light and count the flashes. There will be 2 sets with a pause between the 2. That will give you the code. Then look up the codein the BGB for the diagnosis.
with this wiring problem the CEL isnt working, the only thing on the dash that work is the battery light
1. Is your battery light and brake light on? I don't care if they go off again for now.
2. You say the dash lights go on and off. Are you referring to the backlighting (illumination) which comes on when you turn the lights on or the warning lights?
3. Have you been doing anything wiring related, including but not limited to installing a new radio, bulbs, cig lighter?
4. Does your car have any aftermarket wiring such as a trailer harness, gps or aftermarket radio in it already?
5. DO you have a volt/ohm meter? If not are you willing to go to radio shack to buy a decent one for $50.00 or so?
i havent been but a previous owner installed an aftermarket alarm system and did a really bad job with the wires. So i had the ripped out and the original system hooked back up. but we did find a broken relay. but we know that it was not the only problem.
Thanks everybody for the help!!!

Well it turns out that the problem was a broken relay. it was smashed i have no clue how this happened but with my luck sometimes it doesn't surprise me. I only figured this out after taking out the alternator ( which only took 2 1/2 hrs with my brother and friend helping) only to have it checked and to find out that it was fine. And after having work around the engine now i am definitely go to take very good care of the engine (which was just rebuilt before i bought the car) and the body so that i avoid the cramped confines of the car with the exception of the drivers seat. Again thanks to everybody, I will try to post pictures of my Mr2 as soon as i get my camera that im going to get for my birthday (which is today).
i saw a volt/ohm meter in a car on the forums....whats the point beside the obvious showing the surge, or is that the only point.. im confused :confused:
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