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Wiring Specialties Photo Contest! I Made Top 4!

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Hey guys- I know I don't post here much at all, but I actually managed to make the top 4 in the WS Photo Contest! There were about 170 photos in total, narrowed down by the staff to the top 36 for a bracket-style competition. My friend Grant took the picture last fall- trying to make it into the finals right now! Here is a link if you feel inclined to vote for me:

I'm Damon in the first bracket- here is the picture I submitted:

It's very strange, but I can't seem to get ahead no matter how many people I get to vote for me. Oh well... hoping I can stay alive! Here are a couple current shots of the car for the hell of it:

Thanks in advance guys, I really appreciate the support!

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You got my vote man!!!
You've got my vote too, Damon....:chug:
Voted! That's a very clean looking 240SX. Great photo too. I hope you win. Best of luck! :thumbsup:
i always liked that set of pictures, but i think a little more post editing would have really made that picture stand out.
Perhaps... they really didn't want photos with much editing for this contest anyway, so that kind of worked out. I think it is for sure better than the one I am up against, though.

Thanks for the votes guys! Voting for this round ends this Friday. I'm still down 48/52 last I checked!
Voted :thumbsup:
Crossed posted on a few other forums...
You're in the lead. Damon, try clearing your cookies and then re-voting, it worked for me (I believe)!
^ Nice! I'll have to give that a try. I have been suspicious of the other kid doing something along those lines during the contest, but who knows.

Thanks for all of the votes guys!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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