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With Nothing New To Build, The UAW Charges Mitsubishi More

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Automotive News reports that Mitsubishi will have to give UAW workers at its Normal, Ill plant a $1.60/hr raise because it doesn’t yet know what vehicle or platform it plans to build there in the future. Mitsubishi’s 2008 contract with the UAW required the disclosure, but the Japanese automaker requested an extension which the union membership proceeded to vote down. Because the extension failed, Mitsubishi is required by the terms of its contract to raise hourly pay to $25.60/hr. The plant in question currently builds Mitsubishi Eclipse, Endeavor and Galant models, which have collectively sold 11,215 units through August of this year. And thanks to the combination of low demand for Normal-built products, and the union’s failure to extend the decision period, it seems as though Mitsubishi may just walk away from the plant.

It sounds like it’s not going to be a very happy Labor Day this year, for Local 2488. But hey, at least they’ll get an extra $1.60 per hour until Mitsu decides to shut the place down. Still, with Mitsubishi averaging about 4,500 sales per month in the US and falling (for comparison, that’s less volume than the Infiniti G37, the Dodge Avenger or the Volvo Brand), you’d think the union might give their employers time to come up with a new product. Or, as we so often find ourselves saying around here, not.
Should Mitsubishi walk away and let some more UAW members lose their jobs?
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Should Mitsubishi walk away and let some more UAW members lose their jobs?
Yes they should. They're the least properly built Mitsubishis out there and even these cars contain the stupid "Build with Pride" stickers found on other UAW made cars. As reasonable as the Endeavor is to drive...I've never seen anybody buy the thing, and building it in the US didn't seem to lower its ludicrously high price, the Galant is also too expensive. Both cars also suffer with having nasty looking interiors making the price even worse. At least the Lancer and Outlander can justify their price a bit better with proper build quality and better interior materials which is probably why they sell better.
I strongly suspect Mitsubishi and Suzuki will pull their US sales. Both have been in a free fall for years and it doesn't seem to be getting better. I suspect the remaining Japanese car makers in the US will be Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Subaru and Mazda in a few years.
^^I'm afraid so. Its too bad. Suzuki was just starting to get its mojo but with little dealer and company recognition the cars are selling crappy. It didn't help GM butchered the Suzuki name plate with rebadged Daewoo products:facepalm:

I do like Mitsu, namely the EVO:loove::loove::loove:

Too bad they are going by the wayside. But majority of Americans like appliances and hate driving.

Mazda is the exception. Hopefully they stick to their philosophy of fun cars, not only in style but drive. :thumbsup:
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