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Wonder....ES300 convertion

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On a Gen 4 and Gen 3 don't they have the same build (chassi wise) could you not do a es300 front bumper, lights, and hood?? That would be so so sick....camry/es300 badass...
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Add fenders on the list, then yes.
No way..... that is crazy has anyone did it?
Please use the search button tho... I personally have posted pics of a gen3/es300 wagon and sedan at least 3 or 4 times in the past year. thanks.
Well just making sure it would work on a gen 4?
I was looking and there aren't really a lot of body kits for the es too or i am just a bad searcher lol...
They have a JDM front clip.
I wanted for some time to put the front on my 97 Camry from Mark2 Qualis, which would fit it perfectly, but the problem was in the RHD front lights.
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I saw an Evo kit for looks tight..
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