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won't boost or blow off

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i recently replaced my distributor, cap, and rotor, (wires and plugs were previously replaced), and now my 2 wont boost up above 6 psi other than rarely in 3rd and 5th, and when im at 6 psi, or even higher, and i get oof the gas suddenly it makes a pathetic psshh sound, not the deep, loud, and intimidating swoosh that it did before at the same pressure levels, i think i may have jumped one tooth in advance on my intake cam, would/could this be why? the car has ALOT more low end now than it ever did, and it has a really strong top end for only being 6psi, but i am still curious
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91 MR2 Turbo
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the old distributor disentegrated, (bad install from quality toyota), heres the deal though, i jumped a tooth on the intake cam, lots of low end torque now, and i retarded the dist to run 15 psi, it boosts great now, but it still doesn't blow off nearly like it used to
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