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i just recieved my brake adpters for my wagon!!! i got them from ericsol and they look nice but i'm going to smoothen out my brake caliper before i put these on so everything will look clean. i can't wait :woot: :woot:
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i hope they fit for ya, without having to grind down the calipers... do a search and find my big brake kit thread... i described everything i had to do to fit them into my gen 3.
is he still selling them? how much did he charge you?
he charged 160 total for the adaptersi'm getting non drilled and slotted rotors. i am thinking about using avalon or solara calipers not sure which one has the dual pistons.

zoni thanks for your input and i hope i won't have to grind either:eek:

edit i did some searching and from what i understand camry's without abs came with single piston calipers and the ones that came with abs have dual piston calipers. any input on this?

i put them all side to side so you can get a better look.

at auto zone they sell the camry abs calipers for 30usd with core.
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the core has to be the same... :) haha

go get them from a junk yard. or pay the core charge, cause you dont have the core trade in.
the people at the part store around my area are not that smart.
i've returned a used master cylinder and got a full refund. these are the people who should be working at a mcdonalds or a chuck e cheese
Zoni_Camry said:
the core has to be the same... :) haha
thats not true. if you buy the new ones and pay the core charge then later take them back they wont know any different. its not like there is a picture on the out side of the box of what they look like.
if you are that lucky then go for it. at my parts store, my guys know something, and they will look at the parts to see if they are the same.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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