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There's probably nothing more we love than to see an enthusiast build something so unique that we can honestly say we've seen nothing like it. And it's even better when the entire build was documented, like this one was, starting back in August of 2008. The star of this piece? None other than the infamous DeLorean sporting a Toyota 2JZ engine swap.

Quite possibly one of the coolest engine swaps we've ever seen, this DeLorean put down 395-hp and 376 ft-lbs of torque at the wheels on the dyno. And from the looks of the build thread and extensive photos (over 50!), it's obvious that this swap took a lot of hard work, dedication and custom fabrication. Most enthusiasts normally give up after a year or so of having their car sitting up on jack stands and occupying space in the garage, but this build paid off. The owner clearly has a wickedly fast car that has got to be a ton of fun to drive.

The DeLorean is currently only boosting 15 psi, but the owner says it's plenty fast enough for him. And at the time of his last reporting, the owner ran several mid-12 second passes prior to installing a Quaife differential. He was also in talks with ACT to supply a clutch that would do a much better job in putting the power to the ground. But knowing what we know about the potential of the 2JZ, this owner could easily have the world's fastest DeLorean right now, and if he doesn't, it wouldn't take much more to put down 500-600 whp.

We're guessing it has absolutely no problems hitting 88-mph.

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