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Wow, saw a SICK Mercedes tonight!

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So, I got off work at 11 PM and started to drive home. I get to a interesection right as the light turns red, so I am sittin there chillin the most, light turns green to parallel direction from me, and I hear a REALLY wierd exhaust note.

It sounded like a Mustang GT or Cobra with a hi-end exhaust system (sounded like a V8), but then the exhaust note went from wierd to my eyes bugging out of my head like this :eek: as the guy got on the gas. It was a new SL Benz with what had to have been $10,000 in exhaust components on it. The sound was ungodly awesome. It was like a good American V8 exhaust note with a dash of German engineering. It was amazing. I have never heard anything that nice ever, that includes a Porsche 996TT and other cars like that.

Wow, cars are freaking awesome.
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:drool: I like the new SLs and of course.. would give up a few body parts as long as I have the essentials for a SLR McLaren...:D :rolleyes:
Ever heard a Lexus 1UZ-FE 4.0L V8 with an exhaust? Godly awesome, as well. :D
Yep, the mercedes 5.0. Dual chambered muffler as I remember, like the G35 etc. No stomp, very quiet burble..stock, but gives a hint. Stomp - opens right up and releases all the rumbling goodness...

hate all you want, nothing sounds as nice as a rumbly v8...
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